08 Aug 2009

The Messenger

The Messenger

Here’s one out of left field. This is music from Chimera which was an expantion pack for the “Myth 2: Soulblighter” videogame from Bungie. I really attempted to channel my inner György Ligeti on this one!

The “droning” sounds came from the VL1 and most of the other synth sounds were from the venerable Yamaha TG500. I do remember using a lot of transform edits in Logic to invert pitch, create pitch bend and do many other weird and nerdy things. I believe I did this in 1999.

I think the backwards whisper voice is saying “my baloney has a first name.”

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3 Jun 2009

Dave Perkins says;

Wait.. you wrote this piece for Chimera? Or you just like it?

3 Jun 2009

admin says;

I did the music for Chimera! Totally!