13 Aug 2009

QSC K-series video

QSC K-series video

Here’s a little ditty I made for QSC’s new K-series loudspeakers. This was my first experience working with Logic and video and I must say it was ridiculously easy. Open the movie, put it where you want and start rocking out. I was a bit worried it would be a PITA to export the movie with the audio but that was almost easier than getting it into the song.

I’ve got to hand it to the Logic’s built-in content which really helped get my ideas together. I could just drag a few loops in to sketch out my ideas and then go back and program exactly what I wanted, using the loops as a replaceable guide. I’d hoped to get one of my guitar buddies to do the little solo bit toward the end but schedule conflicts prevented that from happening. I used Logic’s built-in Ultrabeat drum synth (for basically all the electronic drums and FX), EXS24 sampler (for timpani and choir), FM1 synth (for the little pitch modulated sines at the beginning and end) along with Absynth (for some of the cool break FX) and a couple Apple Loops (the guitar solo and tabla.)

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